Manage all InfoHub™ customers from one comprehensive web platform that includes customer and generator data. InfoHub wireless monitoring tells you what you want to know about your customer's generators to proactively handle service and maintenance to ensure it is always ready.

Efficiencies of InfoHub Universal

Monitor most generator brands from one comprehensive platform.

  • Review service history and model information
  • Set-up automatic service reminders 
  • Plan service calls based on accurate InfoHub data rather than waiting for the customer to call
  • Map daily service appointments to determine the most efficient route
  • Set up auto-generated reports



Easy to Set Up and Compatibility

  • Simply 15 minutes or less installation
  • User-friendly interface for both customer and service technicians
  • View on one platform
  • InfoHub Universal is compatible with most generator brands

How InfoHub Works for You

  • InfoHub constantly monitors the signal from your customer’s standby generator
  • As soon as the generator’s status changes, InfoHub instantly sends an alert to your email or phone
  • Stay in tune with the servicing needs of each generator
  • Proactively handle the service call 
  • Build a stronger customer relationship leading to potential future purchases