Be in control where ever you go. InfoHub™ wireless monitoring tells you what you want to know about your generator - when you want to know it. Using the customized web platform, instantly check your generator's status from home or away.

Custom Web Platform

Monitor generator status by logging in or receive text message and/or email alerts.

  • Track generator utilization
  • View status and locations of multiple generators



InfoHub is designed to work with any Briggs & Stratton® standby generator as of August 2005.*


*Except those that use DeepSea or ComAp controllers. Reference your operator's manual.


Instant Alerts

Pick and choose what types of notifications you want to receive:

  • Generator maintenance or service reminders
  • Change in generator status from utility to standby power

Or you can send generator maintenance alerts directly to your servicing dealer for hands-off repair and troubleshooting.

How It Works

InfoHub constantly monitors the signal from your standby generator. When the generator's status changes, InfoHub instantly sends an alert to your email or phone.